January 4, 2010

In 2010 I will.....

Ahh...Another year over and onto the next one. January always brings a feeling of anticipation and excitement. I know I slacked off in the last couple of months with my blog but to be honest, I started to hear the crickets chirping. I know what you're thinking; boo-hoo. Yes, it's true I got discouraged but today is another day, another year. I want to put my best foot foward and give it another go.

A friend and I were talking this morning when she brought up the dreaded "resolutions" and mentioned hers was of course, to lose weight. I thought to myself 'why make new years resolutions?' I've always thought they were pointless. Then it hit me...Sure you do, Sandra! I set goals for myself all the time. I tend to set goals after asking myself simple questions such as How will this year be awesome? What will I accomplish? Where will I be 365 days from now? I don't have a crystal ball so I think it’s good to set goals for the new year. Isn't that the same as a resolution? Well for those curious, here is a list of my top 10:

1. Take risks.

2. Make dreams a reality

3. Tell friends and family they are amazing more often.

4. Put my health first.

5. Be more organized.

6. Travel

7. Put all the stuff I buy from HSN to good use.

8. Stop buying so much from HSN.

9. Take more pictures.

10. Blog more often.

How about you? Any resolutions? (big or small) Do share.