January 4, 2010

In 2010 I will.....

Ahh...Another year over and onto the next one. January always brings a feeling of anticipation and excitement. I know I slacked off in the last couple of months with my blog but to be honest, I started to hear the crickets chirping. I know what you're thinking; boo-hoo. Yes, it's true I got discouraged but today is another day, another year. I want to put my best foot foward and give it another go.

A friend and I were talking this morning when she brought up the dreaded "resolutions" and mentioned hers was of course, to lose weight. I thought to myself 'why make new years resolutions?' I've always thought they were pointless. Then it hit me...Sure you do, Sandra! I set goals for myself all the time. I tend to set goals after asking myself simple questions such as How will this year be awesome? What will I accomplish? Where will I be 365 days from now? I don't have a crystal ball so I think it’s good to set goals for the new year. Isn't that the same as a resolution? Well for those curious, here is a list of my top 10:

1. Take risks.

2. Make dreams a reality

3. Tell friends and family they are amazing more often.

4. Put my health first.

5. Be more organized.

6. Travel

7. Put all the stuff I buy from HSN to good use.

8. Stop buying so much from HSN.

9. Take more pictures.

10. Blog more often.

How about you? Any resolutions? (big or small) Do share.

November 12, 2009

Where have the days gone?

It's been too long since I've posted a blog. I'll be honest, between Halloween, Fall ball, planning a birthday party and all the other crazy days in between I hadn't even noticed Thanksgiving was in two weeks. Two weeks!! So why is it everywhere I go I see Christmas? I went to Hobby Lobby today and all fall things were 60% off. As my daughter would say...OMG! I stocked up on some nice finds.

Well, i'll be sure to post pics of my daughter's upcoming soirée. I'm hard at work!!

October 27, 2009

The Tick-Tock Meme

Because sharing is caring....

1. Are you a Rolex watch, a Mickey Mouse watch, or a pocket watch?

2. Can you think of a time when you were on the outside looking in?
What did you see?

3. Go back in time. Maybe a long time ago, maybe today. Pick an hour you'd like to freeze frame forever and tell us why. It doesn't have to be THE most important hour of your life, but make it a good one.

4. If you were a cuckoo clock, what would others say about you?

5. Can you think of a time when time stood still?

October 15, 2009

Fall is officially here!

Fall is here and it is one of my favorite seasons of the year. I know, I know - most Texans don't really think that it's one of the four seasons because it's always so dang hot in our beloved state. Some even think summer actually extends into Thanksgiving but this week there’s a nice chill outside.

Football is in full swing, the leaves are changing, and I just love the way the mornings look when the sun is shining and especially the fall nights - with just the right amount of breeze and crisp air.

Halloween is also another reason why I love the Fall. It is one of my favorite holidays. Since I moved into my new home a few years ago, I have been so consumed with other things that I’ve never decorated for Halloween. This year will be the first. Needless to say the kids and I are excited.

I want to start out fresh so I’ve had my eye open for a month or so now when I go into stores or online - taking in all of the Halloween decorations and themes. I will take all that inspiration with me when I hit the stores today. Oh and how about the awesome candle scents that make you just want to keep fall in your house all year long?!!

Any DIY décor tips for me while I’m out?

October 7, 2009


Since I don’t have any ‘followers’ yet (btw- I welcome any suggestions on how to change that) I am curious who is reading my blog. What kind of people read about me?

So I have just three questions for you.

All you need to do is answer them. If you don't want to tell me who you are, just sign off anonymously. But, I am curious.

1) Can you describe yourself in 3 words or less?
2) Where do you live and do you like it? (You don’t have to be specific)
3) What is one of your favorites? (Book, movie, song, quote...you pick)

I want to know who is out there. So...WHO ARE YOU?

September 29, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

Lately, I have been feeling blah and at times, restless in my relationship. I thought sharing would make me feel better.

I’ve always thought that I was just bad at love relationships. In the past, I much preferred being on my own and really enjoy being independent. LB just...sort of happened and in a short time. I’ll be first to admit that I am the lucky one in our relationship and he is the one who got stuck with a consolation prize.

I’m really not good at compromising. I have a problem with admitting when I’m wrong and I don’t really care for the part in a relationship where you feel obligated to talk about your feelings and show interest in his; all day…everyday. Sometimes I feel smothered and just want quiet time and to be left alone for the first hour when I get home from work or when watching my shows or reading my books. Not all the time, just sometimes but I feel guilty feeling like that at all.

I surprised myself by being a good parent. I’ve made mistakes but overall I am a great mother. Believe me, I used to worry I would suck at it. But, it has been a true labor of love for me. I am in love my kids.

My relationship with LB has been successful but sometimes it bothers me that it doesn’t come easy to me. I’m all over the place when it comes to these feelings. Sometimes I feel smothered but then at times I love being someone’s other half. Don't get me wrong, I love being his wife and LB knows all this about me and truly understands. Although some may like to think he caters to my every wish, he definitely lets me know his opinions, and speaks his mind.

He understands how I feel about marriage and doesn't press me to be “conventional”. He considers my feelings when I’m feeling crowded or like he’s hovering over me. He just steps back and gives me my space. If there is anyone who is perfect for me, it is he. I love him more than I ever thought I could love someone and there isn’t anyone I would rather spend my life with than him.

I just have to get myself together and shake it off and be thankful for what I have. I ended up in a loving marriage with a man who would walk through fire to protect me. God gave me children who are simply my world. I have a good career and I have a loving family and we support each other no matter what. I am indeed a lucky woman. I am a treasured wife, a loving mother, a loyal sister and a successful woman.

I am living the dream.

I suppose I have to remind myself just how blessed I am when I get down in the dumps and feeling…well…blah.

September 14, 2009

The VMA's, Taylor Swift and the Village Idiot

Did anyone watch the VMA Awards last night?

It has to be said, Kanye West is an obnoxious idiot. A very talented idiot, but no doubt an idiot! I thought it was a joke when Kanye got on the MTV Video Music Awards stage next to Taylor Swift right in the middle of her acceptance speech for Best Female Video. It was the first VMA for the 19-year-old country singer, who (thanks to her down to earth personality and catchy tunes) has also become a pop sensation. My kids love her!

Taylor was so surprised and excited saying it was her dream to win a moon man one day. Well, as Taylor continued, Kanye interrupted, saying he thought Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video should have won the award. I was shocked! I couldn’t stop thinking “Are you Serious?”
The look on that poor girl’s face, she was humiliated. I felt humiliated for her. To be quite honest, I didn’t expect Taylor to win the award and I can definitely appreciate Kanye’s opinion but to jump on the stage and completely ruin her moment was classless and disrespectful.

She’s just a young girl! Who does this college drop-out think he is?!! Is our society that screwed up that we will continue to support celebrities no matter what they do? I mean, come on…the guy showed up to the awards show with a bottle of Hennessy in hand!

This morning I got online and I just knew it was bound to be the talk of the day and I was happy to see that Pink tweeted her thoughts about it. She said: "Kanye West is the biggest piece of shit on earth. Quote me. My heart goes out to Taylor Swift. She is a sweet and talented girl, and deserved her moment. She should know we all love her." I couldn’t have said it better myself, Pink.

Taylor performed shortly after that all went down and you know I have to give it to her; she handled it gracefully. I was glad to see that the audience booed Kanye throughout the night whenever his name was mentioned. It was well deserved.

I was also glad that Beyonce gave Taylor the moment she deserved when she went on to accept her award for Best Video. Beyonce called her back on stage. "Wow, this is amazing," Beyonce said when receiving her award. "I remember being 17-years-old and up for my first MTV award with Destiny's Child. It was one of the most exciting moments in my life. So, I'd like for Taylor to come out and have her moment."
Good for her!

I believe MTV should have thrown Kanye’s ass out of the auditorium. Come on, had that been any regular Joe, they would have been kicked out and probably thrown in jail. He should not have been treated any differently. Thanks to his disgraceful behavior and arrogance…I will no longer support his music. Did his actions at the VMA’s change your perception of him?