August 10, 2009

Did I just read that book and like it?

I started reading the twilight series and just about finished with New Moon. My daughter read the books this past school year. Now, I had no intention of reading the books until I had a couple of friends who were into them and wanted someone to share them with. So I thought i'd give them a chance and I just can't believe how much I am enjoying the story. The characters are awesome and I find myself reading every spare moment I have. No, wait...I actually make time to read the book it's THAT good. My spare time last weekend was spent reading New Moon. I get excited just thinking about what the next book has in store for me.

Yes, there are a few peeves about the books. For instance, I want to scream everytime I read about another one of Bella's 'near death' accidents, I mean how many can a hermit of a teenager have in one summer? And why does Bella always clench her chest or have someone take her chin in their hands? She has this happen almost every chapter, come on Stephanie!

But aside from the blah writing at times, so far the books are great. See for yourself, these books are real page turners. I still can't believe I became a twilight junkie right along with all those screaming teenagers. Who would of thunk it? I'm trying to suck my best friend into the series and I think it working.

What do you think about Twilight?


  1. Oh my goodness...I am a Twilight fanatic. Yes, a true statistic.
    I began reading Twilight a month ago and I am just about finished reading New Moon.
    There are many times I think to myself, "okay, this is soooo cheesy" as I frantically turn to the next page to continue reading! It's soo addictive!
    Right now, I would say I am on "team Jacob." Can't wait till the movie comes out!

  2. I agree, it's hard not to be on Team Jacob fan in New Moon! I too am a couple of chapters away from finishing New Moon. Let me know when you get to the next!