August 20, 2009

Some days are bigger than others.

Some days just have blah written all over them.

I've had a rough week but an even worse day. I’ve been carless this week, that’s never fun. It sucks depending on others to get you around. Especially for me. I go where I need to go, when I want to go. What other way is there to live?

I was awakened by a text from Tami saying she couldn’t give me a ride to work this morning. I had to be at work within the hour. I called my sister who works nearby; she was five minutes away so I better be ready quick, she said. As I rushed to get dressed, I noticed my pants were a bit…snug. Come to think of it, ALL of my pants are. I’ve been complaining for months that I gained a few pounds and my friends like to attribute that to now being “happy”.

Oh, it’s because you just got married, and you’re happy now. Huh?

Some how that used to bring comfort but the fact is I can’t seem to stop eating those wonderful little cupcakes at the bakery or start exercising again.

I’ve been too tired and sluggish to even kiss LB goodbye in the morning.

I broke a promise to the kids that I would take them to build a bear last night. After paying our usual bills, back to school needs, and the unexpected lack of support (thanks dad) - it just wasn't in the budget this week. I felt wretched breaking it to them.

My house is falling apart, or so it seems. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit there but I can walk into any room and point out something that needs fixing.

My father’s birthday is in two days. He passed 9 years ago and any milestone having to do with my parents has been surprisingly hard on me this year.

I was a bit relieved that LB texted me wanting a soup n’ sandwich for dinner tonight. Good. The housewives of Atlanta are on TV tonight; well I suppose that’s my silver lining.

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